For the sport: more prestige, improved image, more evidence based play, eliminated element of chance, less controversy and conflict surrounding the referee’s decisions has great PR potential, and is an opportunity to attract bigger sponsors to the sport;


For the referees: less pressure of responsibility for the referee’s decision, greater referee comfort, more tools, more evidence, more transparency, more trust of the referee’s call;


For the coaches: a wellspring of training material, a tool supporting the creation of precise analysis and forecasting, less tension due to the “indisputability” of the game, which will certainly benefit the players as well


For the players: the possibility of 100% focus on the game, without losing energy on arguing your case and often pointless discussion with the referee and/or players of the opposite team, the transparency of decision making will result in a greater feeling of security, a drop in tension; greater ease in accepting a negative result, which becomes “objective” rather than “unfair”, a greater comfort in play;


For the fans: video replays create a more complete view of the situation and the feeling of fully participating in the action on the pitch.