SVV was created at the intersection of two factors: the idea of an absolute sport, free from the limitation of human cognitive apparatus and a several-year long experience in video analysis during volleyball matches. The system was designed in close cooperation with some of the best referees within the country and abroad, from one of the most demanding world leagues.


SVV offers technical support to referees in very hard and demanding tournaments – since the level of play has been continuously rising and as the game is getting faster and faster – the expectations and pressure exerted over referees has grown. SVV accommodates these needs and expectations. Thanks to digital supervision, the pressure exerted on the referees decreases, the level of expectations stabilizes and tension among audiences drops. The greater comfort of a referee’s work is directly related to the quality of their umpiring.


Transparent refereeing lies within the interest of everybody involved, especially players and coaches. Their skill level, game instinct, their motivation and engagement are what makes the show. The more spectacular the game, the greater the engagement from the supporters and sponsors. Guarantee of high-level umpiring is a key motivation factor. Volleyball is like a system of communicating vessels and SVV can only strengthen its every unit.


The ability to verify the course of events on the go raises no controversy, no negative emotions, no unnecessary debates on the court and supports the sheer enjoyment of the game.


Materials presented at the hall and on TV will be public, so the TV viewers will feel like they are part of the game.


Our mission is to present and introduce SVV to many volley leagues and to set evidence-based umpiring as a standard. Our final goal is to make SVV present in every single match and that each team or league has free access to it, during tournaments or trainings.


We believe that evidence-based umpiring is the key to strengthen the reputation and prestige of the league and volleyball as a sport discipline itself.