Super Volley Vision

SVV consists of 15 super-fast cameras installed around the volleyball court, constantly supervised by 2 trained and experienced operators responsible for the installation and – in further stages – cooperation with the referees.


SVV enables you to monitor and verify such events as:


  1. Determining the place in which the ball fell (within the court, out of the court – out, ball touched the ground)
  2. Ball touching the antenna (especially establishing the sequence of events: whether after block or after attack)
  3. Net foul: touching the net during play
  4. Antenna foul
  5. Foot foul: when the server steps on the sideline at the moment they make contact with the ball while serving; when the player steps on the attack line while playing in defense; when the player goes past the centerline
  6. Player touching the ball just before an out
  7. Player playing in their opponent’s zone
  8. Two or four consecutive contacts with the ball made by the same team – whether contact with the ball was made during the block.


SVV also enables the display of a situation which raises controversy on the wall screens installed in sports halls and the export of each analyzed event onto the servers as a video recording. After logging in, a club can access these materials and use them for training purposes, for instance.


SVV gives an opportunity for close cooperation with TV crews with whom we share the signal to our server, to be broadcast for a wider TV audience. Thanks to this, viewers in front of the TV may have a feeling of real-time participation in the decision-making process.


15 super-fast and perfectly synchronized cameras allow to referee the situation from several viewpoints (shots) and to perform a detailed digital analysis. The referee can make a ruling based on facts/evidence and then the picture is presented in the form of a video replay to a wider audience as an illustration to the referee’s decision.